“Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.” – G. Michael Hopf

We have a simple choice to make as originators in this difficult market. We can choose fear, regret, and scarcity; or we can choose to be INSPIRED by these challenging times and find ways to get more creative and proactive, improve our levels of service and communication, and push beyond our comfort zones.

Here are three reasons why you should be INSPIRED by this challenging mortgage market:

1. Our future is bigger and better than our past. As the mortgage market shifts from slowing down to speeding up thanks to the impending recession, we will take with us all the lessons we have learned over these last few years. 

What did we learn from the interest rate rise of 2018 when rates peaked around five percent? How did we prepare for rates to fall to their eventual low around two and a half percent? What lessons from that time can we leverage to do better this go around? 

We have only so much time to prepare for the next interest rate shift. Use this time wisely to improve not only your business but your personal routines and self-care practices. 

2. Breakthroughs are infinitely more likely during hard times. Hard times turn weak originators into mush. They get paralyzed by fear and scarcity. But for those who keep their heads out of the sand, there will ALWAYS be opportunity. 

Think about it this way: during hard times, our clients have a lot of problems. As we enter a recessionary period, homebuyers will be fearful and seeking answers. Our job is to understand their problems and fears, talk about them openly, and deliver solutions. 

“Our need will be the real creator.” – Plato

3. An opportunity for self-reflection. We have likely made a lot of wise and beneficial decisions in our lives up to this point. We’ve also likely made a lot of blunders that we wish we could take back. 

This moment in time is a perfect opportunity for self-reflection. Where do we need to give ourselves credit and recognition? Did we save during the good times so we have liquidity, reserves, and assets during the slow times? Have we invested heavily in the relationships with our spouses, children, friends, teams, and co-workers? Have we created massive value and leadership capital within our teams that we can now count on to get us through the tough times?

If you’ve done these, give yourself credit. Find all the things you have in life to be grateful for and spend more of your energy on them, rather than on the things that are not going as well.

Maybe you find yourself financially stressed out with no savings, or maybe you realize you are struggling in your relationships with your family, your team, and yourself. GOOD. Now you know where you fell short. Time to work on those areas of your life.

I promise you there will be another moment of massive abundance and opportunity. What you do RIGHT NOW in the slow season, the valley between the mountain peaks, will determine the degree of your success when the market shifts and improves.

Embrace the challenge of today’s market. Look for the breakthrough that will catapult your business to heights previously unimaginable. Be grateful for what you have and recalibrate the areas where there is potential for even greater success.


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